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How Does it Work?

No Hassle Solution

Our Pay Per Lead model encompasses your complete advertising requirements, encompassing content creation, expert copywriting, and more. It’s an all-inclusive solution designed to make your advertising endeavors seamless, benefiting both you and your team.

Fast Results

Typically, the process takes around 3 days, to start receiving your first leads. Expect some collaborative communication to craft the perfect customer profile tailored to your business needs. We want to fully understand your unique service offering. To get you the best future clients.

80% Cheaper than buying a Route

We’ve Generated over $6 Million in Revenue for our partners. Our solutions are 80% cheaper than traditional pool route buying. We also provide a reliable and consistent growth strategy for your business, allowing you to scale and grow your client base year-round. This unique combination ensures significant savings and leads to sustainable business growth.

Our Benefits

Consistent Leads

Designed to ensure the delivery of high-quality leads to your business, along with a steady flow so your sales team stays busy. 

Exclusive Branding

Our leads are curated for your brand. We don’t re-sell, recycle or rebrand leads. Giving your customers a branded experience

Increase Sales

We’ve generated over 15,000 high quality leads and over $6 million in revenue for local business like yours! 

No Term Contracts

There is no term contract so you can cancel at any time. Although our team would love to address any concerns you have prior.

What Our Customers Have to Say

Noah Ulmann - Owner


Facebook Ads Retainer
Custom CRM Build
Sales Training and Development

Noah Ulmann - Owner

What Our Clients have to say


Ads Growth Retainer
Custom CRM Build
Sales Training and Development

Our Methodolgy


We locate the ideal audience to start promoting your brand and pinpoint issues your target audience faces in order to gain their trust, with your brand.


We utilize informational strategies to express your business’s Unique Value Proposition once your target audience starts interacting with your content.


Using High Converting Lead Generation forms, we collect high quality information about your customer, providing your team with a quality lead ready for service.

Want more to learn about the information provided with our leads?

Our Lead Packages

Subscriptions ready to fit your business growth goals

10 Leads per Week Subscription

$400 per week

25 Leads per Week Subscription

$1,000 per week

50 Leads per Week Subscription

$2,000 per week


Lead Guarantee

Our lead guarantee ensures you receive only quality leads. If a lead provided has incorrect details like a fake name, email, invalid phone number, or is outside your specified service area by more than 5 miles, you’re entitled to request a replacement lead at no additional cost. This guarantee is designed to maximize your investment and ensure your marketing efforts are focused on genuine prospects.

What information is provided with our leads?

We customize your lead generation questions, to help give your leads a direct experience with your brand

Common Contact Information

First Name
Last Name
Phone Number
Full Addres

Common Pool Information

Is the Pool Above Ground or In Ground?
Residential or Commercial Pool?
What is the Size of the Pool?
What type of Pool (Salt or Chlorine)
Does the Pool have a Hot tub or Spa?
What Accessories does the pool have? Does the pool have an Infinity Trough?
How much Surrounding shrubbery/ Trees does you pool have?

Frequently Asked Questions

If the leads you ordered are not received, our team will initiate a prorated refund for those undelivered leads within 7 days. This process ensures that you are fairly compensated for any discrepancy between the ordered and delivered leads, aligning with our commitment to transparency and customer satisfaction.

It is quite simple to cancel. You may cancel at any time and will receive a prorated refund for any leads that are not delivered. You will receive your refund within 7 business days. We ask that you give our team 24 hours to complete your cancellation, which may result in lead delivery within that timeframe.

You can personalize your advertising experience by collaborating with our team to gather information for the creation of a brand kit, which will affect the language of your ads and the landing page experiences.

Blackledge Media will only accept returns if the leads generated contains 

(i) an invalid phone number unless (where such information is required to be obtained)

(ii) an invalid contact name (where such information is required to be obtained)

(iii) where the lead is obviously bogus (ie: George Bush, 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue).

Blackledge Media further guarantees that the information provided is not altered from how it was submitted by the customer. Leads returned for credit must be received by Blackledge Media within five (5) calendar days of the date they were generated or they will be deemed accepted and valid.

Blackledge Media reserves the right to audit each disputed lead to verify the validity of the dispute.

Please follow the link to our dispute page to start your lead dispute. Start Dispute

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